Whenever we travel we try to camp wherever possible as we really enjoy being out in the nature. However, whenever this is not possible we try to look for an accommodation on Airbnb. If you haven’t yet done so, sign up via the following link: Sign Up for Airbnb (by signing up through the provided link you will receive a free € 35 travel credit for your booking).

In case we don’t find anything on Airbnb we always book our accommodations on Booking.com as we find they have the best user interface and also the best prices. Especially when they have special deals for Genius-Members, a status which quite frankly you can achieve very easily.

If you don’t have unlimited financial resources – and to be honest…who does? – an accurately planned budget will help to manage your money efficiently. For more in depth advise concerning the entire budgeting process click HERE.

Travelling many countries means having to deal with many different currencies – cash money, one credit card, two credit cards, more credit cards, debit card … learn here how we do it HERE.

Insurance is a very sensitive topic and a pure information jungle – as soon as you need it, you will be more than happy to have it. On the other side, as long as you don’t need it, you will be happy that you haven’t spent too much money on it. As soon as we have decided which road we will go, we will let you know here.

Make sure you think about everything you really need (and still stick to the weight limits :)) on your next trip. As soon as we know how to do it, we will share our thoughts with you.

Tom is a professional wedding photographer and over the years he has accumulated quite a lot of gear. So deciding on what to bring on the tour without carrying to much stuff you don’t really need was quite tough for him. In case you are in the same situation and think about what to bring on your next travel, we have written a blog post about that. Click here for our Travel Gear List.

All over the world, visa requirements are decreasing and visa application processes are being continuously facilitated. More and more countries are implementing “Visa-on-Arrival”-policies. That means that either a valid passport is all you need to be admitted to the country or you, when entering a country, need to pay a fee to receive a visa or a stamp in your passport.

Nonetheless, there are still countries that do not offer a “Visa-on-Arrival” for tourists, nor is it sufficient to have a valid passport.

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