I guess everybody loves to see what other photographers have in their bag. At least I always enjoy to have a look at the gear of others. Since I have been photographing weddings professionally for over 4 years now, you can imagine that I have accumulated a quite substantial amount of different cameras and lenses. However, when travelling for such a long time you obviously can’t bring all that gear, so I had to make some tough choices on what to bring and what to leave at home. From the many travels I have already been on, this is my go to setup.


Nikon D750Buy on Amazon

My go to camera since this season is the Nikon D750 and I absolutely love it. The built quality is excellent as well as the picture quality. I especially love the immense dynamic range of the camera, giving you so much flexibility when shooting and editing. The tilt-screen is very handy when shooting at different angles or also for shooting videos.

GoPro Hero 5Buy on Amazon

I purchased the GoPro a few months ago, because I wanted something lightweight for longer hikes when I just didn’t want to carry my DSLR with me. Also I love the fact that the GoPro is waterproof without any housing. So whenever you feel like it you can just take it into the water.

DJI Mavic ProBuy on Amazon

I’ve always wanted to fly a drone and take awesome aerial footage from new perspectives. It’s so much fun flying that little thing that you completely forget the time around you. For that reason I definitely recommend getting the FlyMore Combo, as it comes with two spare batteries. It also comes with a neat little bag that doesn’t take up much space. The perfect companion for your travels.


Nikkor 16-35mm F4 VRBuy on Amazon

This lens was one of  the first I have purchased when switching over to full frame bodies. It is simply THE best lens for any landscape shot, being super wide angle at the 16mm end or something more moderate at 35mm. Also the VR comes in very handy when you handheld the camera while trying to get some motion blur. And also the optical stabilisation is excellent for taking videos.

Sigma 35mm 1.4 ARTBuy on Amazon

It is my absolute favourite lens for shooting weddings and also for shooting just casually in the streets. It is so versatile, you can shoot everything from landscapes to portraits. The lens is mind-blowing sharp and the bokeh when shooting wide open is an absolute dream. It is quite a heavy lens for being a prime lens, but I just can’t travel without it.

Nikkor 85mm 1.8GBuy on Amazon

This is a lens I honestly don’t use that often, but when I do I am always positively surprised by the beautiful pictures you get with it. It is such a light weighted lens that there is no excuse for not bringing it with you. However, I really only use it to shoot portraits with extrem shallow depth of field.

VLOG Setup

Amazon VideoMic ProBuy on Amazon

We want to deliver the best audio quality possibly for our VLOGs, so buying a high quality microphone was an absolute must. Since it was the first microphone I have ever bought, I have read a lot of reviews and this mic came out as one of the best. After having used it for a while, I am very happy with the excellent sound quality. By the way, make sure to get the dead cat to reduce wind noise as well.

Joby GorillaPodBuy on Amazon

A super handy tool for vlogging, but also for taking pictures is a GorillaPod. It is easy to hold the camera in the hand while walking around and you can fix the rig to so many different objects, making it the perfect companion while on the go.


SanDisk SD 64GBBuy on Amazon

Well what is there to say about memory cards. They do their job and store stuff. I can really recommend SanDisk as they have never failed on me.

Nikon D750 BatteriesBuy on Amazon

Always bring a lot of spare batteries with you. You really don’t want to risk running out of juice while on the go, probably missing a great shot. I always bring 4 with me while travelling.

Polarizer 77mmBuy on Amazon

A really handy little tool that you screw on your lens and it makes the colors pop straight out of the camera. It also comes in very hand when you try to reduce glare on non metallic surfaces, like water for example.

B&O H9 HeadphonesBuy on Amazon

These are a perfect pair of headphones with a brilliant sound quality. They are perfect to enjoy your favourite songs while enjoying the day. The noice cancelling function is also a live safer while being on planes. Not that I know how much more enjoyable a flight can be with those on, I really wonder how I could have survived for such a long time without them.


MacBook ProBuy on Amazon

I do all my editing (pictures & videos) on my 15inch TouchBar MacBook Pro. It is definitely a quite substantial investment, but it is such a joy to work in it. Blazingly fast and the display is simply awesome. Also it is ridiculously lightweight and thin for being a 15inch laptop.

iPhone 6sBuy on Amazon

Well I guess everything has been said about the iPhone there is to say in the millions of reviews on the internet. I opted for the 128GB version to make sure I have enough storage for a a lot of music, podcasts and pictures.

Lightroom CCBuy on Amazon

The trusted Adobe Lightroom CC in combination with Photoshop CC for all photo editing work. There are also other options out there, however I have used it since I started with photography many years ago and I still like the program.

Final Cut Pro X

Since I am editing on a MacBook, I deduced to go with Final Cut for video editing. So far I am very happy with the possibilities of the program and it is super fast.

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