Amalfi Coast

Amazing Amalfi Coast

   Pompeii starts starts at minute 11:08! After we had spent two days in Rome and visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Pompeii, we spent four days exploring the Amalfi Coast. From our base “camp” in Pompei, we explored all the highlights that the only 50 kilometers long coast (30 miles) is packed with. We […]
Ruins, Pompeii

The ancient Ruins of Pompeii

  Pompeii starts starts at minute 7:42! After a two-hour drive from Rome through a lot of heavy rain, we reached sunny Pompeii, home of one of the world’s most engrossing archaeological sites. We directly headed to Camping Zeus – which is located right next to the entrance to the famous ruins of Pompeii (Pompeii […]
Rome, Italy, Piazza Navona

2 Days in Rome

As the Amalfi Coast is not only stunningly beautiful but primarily very remote from Graz, we decided to include a two-day stopover in Rome on our drive to Pompeii. Rome is a beautiful city and we really enjoyed two days of intensive sightseeing … and heat. On the first day, we were really lucky cause […]
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