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We really want to thank all of you for following us on our tour around the world, making this project feel like a common project.

If you like our vlogs, blog posts, pictures and all the input we provide on travelling – what we sincerely hope you do – you may also want to thank us. In this article we would like to give you an overview of how you can thank us by supporting us with our current and future travel plans – all of it without spending extra time or even a single dime.

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If you like our posts, give us a LIKE, if you love them, LOVE them and if you think they are great and leave you just breathless, WOW them.

If your friends also love travelling and you feel like they should also be part of the WTTW-Family, INVITE them to like our page on whatever social media channel they prefer or, even better, on all that we are present.

If there is anything you would like to add or share with us, COMMENT on them. We enjoy to interact with you, we are always curious about what you think and feel, if have already been to a place where we are or if there is something that just came to your mind.

If there is any post that you think your friends should see or you think it is especially good, cool or inspiring, SHARE it with your community so they also get to enjoy it.

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You shop anyway and we earn some money


Support Us with your Amazon purchase

(You will be redirected to a camera – just continue and search for your products. And don’t worry, we cannot see what you buy.)

On our website we have a bunch of Amazon-affiliate links. So, whenever you intend to purchase something on Amazon, make sure you click on one of our links before. All your purchases for the next 24 hours will be tracked, given that your cart is empty when you click on the link and the product you want to buy is added after you clicked the link, we will receive a few coins and for you, there is no extra cost. We have an affiliate link for every country in the world, so from wherever you may shop, the money will definitely reach us. And, no need to worry about confidentiality, we will not see what you shopped J If you have any questions, just let us know!

Support us with your bookings on

On our website you will also find a affiliate link. So, whenever you plan to spend the one or other night on vacation, you can help us finance our world tour, at no extra cost for you. In case you did not finish the booking process completely and come back to book your accommodation later, please make sure to click again on our link, as otherwise our referral is not tracked.


Thank you so much for your ongoing support! 



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