Torres del Paine – Sendero Mirador Cuernos

In the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park you can find a rather easy hike, the so called “Sendero Mirador Cuernos”. It’s a perfect walk for the afternoon and it takes around 2 hours to do the roundtrip to the Lake Nordenskjöld and back. I uploaded a detailed map for you to check out all the hikes in the area (Click HERE to view it). The starting point is right above Lago Pehoé where you can find a big parking lot. If you also travel in a campervan, you can even spent the night on the parking lot as freedom camping is allowed all over Chile.

Starting off you pass by the Salto Grande, a spectacular waterfall with a lot of water coming down. We stayed there for at least an hour, laying in the grass enjoying the warm Patagonian sun and the fresh air. We then continued our walk, we soon spotted the mountain peaks that Torres del Paine National Park is so famous for all around the world. Walking along the path you always see the ‘Cuernos’ sticking out of the breathtaking scenery with its green meadows, blue lakes and rugged rocks.

Should you ever make it to Torres del Paine, you should not miss this walk. It’s pretty easy, doesn’t take too much time but the view is stunning and the landscape impressive. You will definitely enjoy it!

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