Cu Chi Tunnel Tour

May 27 2018

The Black Echo: 1/2 Day at the Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels - Remains of Vietnam War As the Vietnam War is a huge part of the Vietnamese history, we wanted to learn more about it. We were thinking about visiting either the Cu ...
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Ho Chi Minh City Guy riding on a scooter with vietnamese flag

May 18 2018

A Little Guide to Ho Chi Minh City

We started our tour through Vietnam in the South of the country – in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). There are basically two directions to travel the country: Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City (North-South) ...
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Melbourne Australian Open

Apr 26 2018

In Love with Melbourne – The Ultimate Guide to this Beauty

    With almost 5 million inhabitants, Melbourne is the second largest Australian city (after Sydney). Before Canberra was “constructed”, Melbourne served as the interim capital city of Australia. Melbourne is the “coffee” capital of ...
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The Twelve Apostles at sunset

Apr 1 2018

Great Days on a Great Road: The “Great Ocean Road”

    The Great Ocean Road is not really different from other Australian roads, highways and freeways – with one distinctive feature: it is highly spectacular and you don’t want to drive fast (yes, Australians ...
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Sydney Opera House

Mar 16 2018

3 Days in Sydney: Our Highlight Guide

    We spent 3 days in Sydney (+ 2 more for SYDNYE - New Years' Eve in Sydney), which was enough time to get an impression of the city and explore the most important ...
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Mar 6 2018

Highlights from Brisbane to Sydney – Cruising the Pacific Highway Part 2

The first part of the Pacific Highway had lots of highlights to offer - we were really looking forward to the rest of it. And, of course, also to finally reaching Sydney and exploring Australia's ...
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Pacific Highway overlooking Dolphin Point

Mar 5 2018

Highlights from Brisbane to Sydney – Cruising the Pacific Highway Part 1

After we had successfully completed the 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles) from Cairns to Brisbane, we were really glad to finally leave the Bruce Highway behind us. Driving such a long distance is not a real ...
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Wilson Promontory Lookout overview over peninsula

Mar 21 2018

Southernmost Australia: 1 Day in Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Promontory (Oz Slang: Wilsons Prom) is a peninsula that accommodates the southernmost point on the Australian mainland – South Point. It is located in Victoria – only about 3 hours drive from Melbourne. The ...
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Three Sisters at Sunset

Feb 8 2018

Hiking in Australia: Welcome to the Blue Mountains

    The Blue Mountains The Blue Mountains are a mountain range in New South Wales - they start 60 kilometers west of Sydney. They are located in the Blue Mountains National Park and are ...
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Australia Zoo Kangaroo Feeding

Feb 4 2018

Australia Zoo: A “Crickey” Day in Steve Irwin’s Legacy

Just a friendly notice in case you are feared of snakes and can't even look at pictures of them ... In this article there some some pictures of them. So please decide for yourself if ...
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Noosa National Park Dolphin Point

Feb 3 2018

Hang-Loosa in Noosa: Exploring the Coastal Walk

After some exciting 4WD-driving in the Great Sandy National Park (Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach), we spent one more day in Noosa to enjoy the beaches and explore Noosa National Park. Noosa is a very ...
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Fraser Island Lake McKenzie

Feb 1 2018

Fraser Island: 1 Day on the World’s largest Sand Island

    After our excursion to paradise – Whitsunday Islands and Whitehaven Beach – we continued south towards our next destination: Fraser Island. There are two major gateways to the island: Hervey Bay and Noosa, ...
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